It's time to sing! Or make others do the singing...

Join the HBA of NWI and other industry professionals as we dust off the old pipes and belt it to our favorite tunes as singers compete for a Grand Prize.

Support the HBA of NWI by singing, competing, or by participating in our Pay the Way challenges!

GRAND PRIZE COMPETITION: Singers may sign up for the competition below or at the door. Each singer will then choose one song from 3 categories–one song for each round. At the end of each round, the winning singer will be chosen based on audience feedback (so be prepared to wow that audience!) and move on to the next round. Round 3 will be a showdown between our Round 1 and Round 2 winners! The Round 3 winner will take home the Grand Prize!

PAY THE WAY CHALLENGES: Between each round, we will choose 3 names at random (collected throughout the night) for our Pay the Way Challengers. Three buckets will be passed around to our attendees who then donate to see our challengers sing. The challenger with the most money in their bucket will sing a song of the crowd’s choosing! Keep in mind, our challengers may be unaware their name was entered into the challenger collection. This is your chance to make sure your friends take the mic and bring down the house!

SING FOR FUN: Just like normal karaoke: pick your song and belt it out for $1 per song.

Singing not your thing?

That’s cool. We get it. Come watch others as they compete through song for a grand prize while enjoying some of the best burgers and brews in Northwest Indiana at Franklin House!

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